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Join Rwanda's first informatics competition for high schoolers, encouraging problem-solving skills and innovation in programming, designed for young enthusiasts aged 20 and below.
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The first National Informatics Competition in Rwanda will take place in June!
The Rwanda Informatics Olympiad (RIO) is an initiative focused on promoting excellence in algorithmic and programming competitions within Rwanda. Our goal is to nurture the next generation of tech-savvy innovators and problem solvers. RIO provides a platform to identify and celebrate students with outstanding skills in algorithms and computer programming, preparing them to represent Rwanda at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), a prestigious global competition.
Our Mission
Our mission is to identify and empower talented Rwandan students in competitive programming and data structures, providing them with the necessary skills to excel in national and international informatics competitions.
Our Vision
We envision Rwanda as a center of excellence in informatics, fostering technological innovation and advancement globally, by creating opportunities for talented individuals to thrive.
Core Values
At RIO, we value excellence, collaboration, education, and impact. We set high standards, encourage teamwork, provide quality education, and strive to positively influence Rwandan youth and society.

The Rwanda Informatics Olympiad (RIO) is open to all high school students across Rwanda, regardless of their school affiliation. Any student enrolled in high school during the academic year 2023-2024 is eligible to participate in RIO. There is no lower age limit for participation.

To be eligible, you must still be enrolled in high school. If you have completed high school, you are no longer eligible, even if you have taken a break and are not enrolled in further education, or if you are planning to retake high school exams for improvement.


Registration for the Rwanda Informatics Olympiad (RIO) is open until May 31, 2024. Teachers are required to register their schools, and the process is free. Upon registration, we'll follow up to confirm school details. Students interested in participating should inform their respective teachers to complete the registration process on behalf of their schools. Click to register.


The Rwanda Informatics Olympiad consists of two stages:

  1. The first stage, scheduled for mid-June, involves a pen-and-paper exam accessible to all students across the country, with no requirement for computer access.
  2. In mid-July, top performers from the first round will undergo online training on algorithms and programming concepts.
  3. In August, an informatics camp will take place, focusing on advanced topics such as algorithms, data structures, and informatics competition techniques, guided by experienced trainers. At the conclusion of the camp, a final round of the competition will be conducted, which will be computer-based with all necessary materials provided to the students. Winners will be awarded and preselected for further informatics competitions.

Approximately 25 students will be invited to the August Camp to participate in the final round.


For inquiries or clarifications regarding the Rwanda Informatics Olympiad, feel free to contact Jose Alan Esparza, our National Coordinator, via email. Jose will be happy to assist you with any further questions or concerns you may have.

The first National Informatics Competition in Rwanda will take place in June!